Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

How to access blocked sites | Use Proxy site

             In many cases blocking a site constitutes a violation of freedom of access to public information,  as an example the case in China, or the more extreme in the case in Egypt, not only blocked sites, but more than that which blocked access to the Internet network. even as strong as anything done blocking of a site or Internet network, but there will be ways and efforts of the global community to help re-opening of access to information to the global Internet network 
            But there are other cases that should be observed related to the blocking of some sites that contain elements of pornography, because it relates to moral youth when access to a porn site so easily. This is the exception of freedom of information, where children under strictly forbidden to access to porn sites, because already many examples of cases of sexual crimes on rise due to ease of access to porn sites.
What we want to convey that there is a way to access information on the Internet if a site or sites have been blocked by internet service providers, namely through a proxy site, which paved the way to view content blocked by the Internet network providers.

Examples of some good proxy address:

To obtain a proxy site information up to date, can be viewed on the Juvos site.


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